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Call Dave 07734 705559 (6.00am-10.30pm), Dani (club) 07523 835739 (7.30am-6.00pm) or Tammy (seedlings) 07940 956827 (7.45am-6.00pm)  

E-mail us at:  info@s4yc.co.uk (for general enquiries), dani@s4yc.co.uk (for club), woodlands@s4yc.co.uk (for seedlings)


Welcome to S4YC@Woodlands

Ofsted Ref. EY398639


S4YC specialise in childcare and sports courses for children aged between 2 and 11.  At Woodlands, we run breakfast (7.45am-start of school) and afterschool club (end of school - 6.00pm) throughout term time as well as running play schemes and sports courses through all of the school holidays (8.00am-5.45pm).

Our breakfast club is based in the infant and runs from 7.45am (or 7.30am if required) to the start of school with breakfast provided until 8.30am. Our afterschool club is also based in the infant hall and runs from the end of school until 6.00pm with a small snack provided at  around 4.30pm.  The activities provided are varied so are suited to all ages and, like our play schemes, afterschool sessions are very flexible so if your child doesn’t like one of the organised activities there is always something else for them to do.  Our younger children also have regular access to the Seedlings room.  Through all of our activities we help children realise their capabilities, improve their social skills and boost fitness levels.

Activities your child may take part in include:

  • Games and puzzles
  • Arts and crafts
  • Sport
  • Imaginary play
  • Nature walks
  • Music and performing arts
  • Competitions
  • Baking
  • Film club


Your child is welcome to attend any of the sessions we run, just simply complete our online registration form then book and pay for your child to attend sessions as required.  Our online booking system means we can be extremely flexible to meet your requirements but are currently asking you to book in before 2pm the day before you require your child to attend.  For more information on registering via iPal go to: iPal information


You will find all the information you need about our exciting and fun range of activities on our website: www.s4yc.co.uk but if you would like to speak with us directly or have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch or pop into club and speak to Dani or any of our other friendly staff who will always be happy to assist you.  


You can also keep up to date with the measures we have put in place in accordance to Government Guidelines by referring to our Covid-19 Updates page.


For up to date news and photos have a look at our regular blogs or like our facebook page.


Holiday Club:

For more information on our upand coming holiday play schemes please refer to the 'Up and Coming Courses' page of our website.



"My son has attended S4YC from reception and is currently in year 6. I could not run my company without S4YC. I am happy in the knowledge he is looked after before and after school by the team. He consistently involves himself in all the activities on offer whether it be baking, sport or crafts. When he told his S4YC manager he was playing in a  football match at Chester football ground,  he actually came along to support the boys. My business diary is quite often erratic and I have to attend meetings at short notice – the club has always accommodated any last minute requests.  I recently required a detailed log of my son’s attendance throughout the year and this was done in a professional manner by the following morning."

"Well  S4YC rock!  They are life savers due to the hours of opening and closing, prices are friends, and really help with emergency care.  The kids don’t want to leave early especially when its snack time as us parents get moaned at when we get home as to why they were picked up!  My 2 ask if they can go to club which just shows they have a fab time, and really enjoy the fun activities you guys give to them  (even helping some of you with admin!)"

"My son has been using S4YC for nearly four years now and he loves going to both the breakfast and after school clubs. The staff are the best you could ask for looking after the children but also making things interesting and enjoyable. The staff have helped me as a parent as I know I can pass information on to them about my son and if it needs passing onto the class teacher I can trust that it is. I firmly believe that the past four years in school would not have been the same for my son had he not been using S4YC."



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