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Mrs Watts  Owls

Mrs Watts Owls

Hello, I am Mrs Watts and have worked at Woodlands for the past 18 years. I have worked in Reception, KS1 and lower KS2 during my teaching career.

I am currently the RE and World Views lead. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, reading and spending time with my son and daughter.

I enjoy teaching all subjects and am looking forward to an amazing year in Reception. I am sure we will have lots of fun during our learning journey in Owls!

Mrs Webster Badgers

Mrs Webster Badgers

Hello, my name is Mrs Webster and I have worked at Woodlands for many years, both in Nursery and Reception.
I have a passion for Early Years Education and giving each child the very best start to their school life!
In my spare time I love running, baking and spending time with my husband and our two teenage daughters, Freja and Klara. I also have a little puppy, Lottie, who I love taking for long walks. In the holidays, I enjoy visiting my family and friends in Sweden where I grew up. I am really excited to get to know all of the children in Badgers

Mrs Lonsdale  Owls

Mrs Lonsdale Owls

Hi!! I have worked here at Woodlands for thirteen years. I have taught across all of Key Stage one in my time at Woodlands. I am so exited to be working in the EYFS team this year.

When I am not in school I love to spend lots of time outside with my husband and our little girl at our allotment and in our garden. I also help to lead a local Rainbows unit! I have a cheeky little cat called Percy and eight pet chickens! When I am not busy at the allotment or outside I love to sew and make things. I love being creative!!

I am currently the SMSC lead (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) at Woodlands Primary school. I am very fortunate to also lead the Pupil Parliament for school and helping the children of Woodlands Primary School to share their voice, ideas and opinions.

I can't wait for our learning journey and adventures together!


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A very warm welcome to Reception!

Are you ready for an adventure? 










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During our English sessions, we will be focusing on the text, 'The Three Little Pigs'.

Three Little Pigs.jpg

Our mastery targets for this half term are:

Spell words by identifying the sounds and then writing the sound with the correct letter/s                         

Form lower-case letters correctly



white rose maths.png Maths

During our maths sessions, we will be looking at measure and pattern.


Our targets (linked to the Birth to 5 Matters documentation) will be:

Explore differences in size, length, weight and capacity

In meaningful contexts, find the longer or shorter, heavier or lighter and more/ less full of two items

Explore and add to simple patterns of two or three repeating items

Create patterns showing some organisation or regularity


We will also be looking at the numbers 1-3 and the following targets:

Link numerals with amounts up to 5 and maybe beyond

Subitise one, two and three objects (without counting)

Begin to recognise that each counting number is one more than the one before

Separate a group of three or four objects in different ways, beginning to recognise that the total is the same


PHONICS - Read Write Inc.

We use the Read, Write, Inc phonic programme for teaching reading. Your child is assessed every 6 weeks to ensure they are in the correct group. Children will take part in the sessions in small groups as they learn their sounds. Please ensure that any phonic reading books are kept in your child's school bag and returned to school everyday as we will be reading them during phonic sessions.







Please make sure that your child wears their PE kit to school on their PE day, this will be every Thursday

Kit: plain, dark coloured jogging bottoms, a jumper or hoody and outdoor trainers and socks.


Polite requests

Please send your child with a small labelled bag and water bottle (filled with water only). Please provide your child with spare clothes, in their bag every day. 

Please label ALL of your child's belongings.

Please inform of any changes in advance of the adult that will be collecting at the end of the day (children under the age of 16, will not be permitted to collect a child). 

The outdoor environment is set up prior to arrival, please do not allow you child to play on the equipment.

As part of their curriculum, the children are encouraged to access outdoors, exploring and learning about the environment. We like to take the children outside whether it's sunny, rainy, windy or snowy. Having a coat in school will facilitate this. 

Please encourage independence with health and self-care, including dressing and toileting.

We value your contributions to your child's learning journal. Each class has an E-mail address (see below) to allow you to send us pictures of your children doing things at home. We can then add these to your child’s profile and learning journey.


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