Year 5 2023 - 2024

Miss Tyrer 5/6LT

Miss Tyrer 5/6LT

Welcome to 5/6LT: another exciting year in Woodlands Primary School!

Hello everyone! I am Miss Tyrer and I am delighted to be entering my 8th year of teaching at Woodlands. I cannot wait to spend another year as part of such an exciting and creative school, and I am thrilled to be continuing my journey at Woodlands as a Year 5/6 teacher and as the phase leader for UKS2.

I love teaching all subjects and seeing children shine across the curriculum. This year, I am excited to be leading English across the whole school! I am incredibly passionate about developing a love of reading and writing in all children, and I love how writing allows us to express our creativity in so many different ways.
When I am not in school, I am often busy renovating my very first home which I bought in July 2021 (and is still very much work in progress!), and trying to stop my pet cat – Hugo – from destroying the place! I also really enjoy going to concerts, and spending time with family and friends.
I believe that in order to succeed it is vital to work as a team and support one another through all of the exciting challenges a new year can bring. I cannot wait to get to know you all better and learn all about your hopes, dreams and aspirations!

Miss Gittins 5MG

Miss Gittins 5MG

Hello! I am Miss Gittins and I have been working at Woodlands Primary School for 6 years now. This year, I have been studying at university to gain a National SENCO award- which I will have achieved by September 2023. I have enjoyed working on my studies and respect how much effort it requires to learn new thing- we are all life long learners!

As a teacher, I am passionate about problem solving and building resilience within ourselves. I am a firm believer in having a growth mindset and not saying, ‘I can’t do it’ but instead saying ‘I can’t do it YET’. I love finding fun ways to find a solution and celebrating achievements within my class.

When I am not in school, I am usually found at the gym, enjoying different fitness classes, running around Chester or enjoying a good book or film. I am also a huge fan of music; I love Elton John, and I even have a cat called Kate Bush (named after a brilliant musician from the 70s).

Mrs Edwards and I have already been planning fantastic and fun-filled learning opportunities for you to enjoy next year. I cannot wait to get started and see what we can all achieve together!

Mrs Edwards  5SE

Mrs Edwards 5SE

Allow me to introduce myself! I am Mrs Edwards; I would describe myself as your new Year 5 teacher and a
cheerful and outgoing teacher who believes that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. I have an
unwavering passion for having fun and believe in creating memorable experiences.
When in school, I feel passionate about teaching all subjects however; I adore teaching English and
watching your writing, reading and spellings grow throughout the year. I also love the fun and creativity
when teaching PE lessons and COJO’s.
Beyond the classroom, I am a proud and devoted mother to two wonderful boys. Being a mum is a
significant part of my identity, and I cherish every moment spent nurturing and guiding my children. They
inspire me to be the best version of myself and remind me of the importance of love, patience, and constant
With my fun-loving nature, passion for English, dedication to my family, and love for exciting family outings, I
bring a vibrant and dynamic energy to our class. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you
and creating a warm and inclusive learning environment where we can all thrive and grow together. Lets
embark on this exciting journey as a class and make unforgettable memories along the way!

Let’s make Year 5 a year to remember!

Welcome to Year 5!

Summer 1



Our history topic this term is...


 Ancient Greece title.JPG


In this topic, we will discover who the Ancient Greeks were, where they lived and when in history they thrived. We will learn about the characteristic features and key achievements of Ancient Greek civilisations; one our key focuses will be on the development of Ancient Greek democracy which we will compare to democratic processes in Britain today.




In English this term, our focus text is The Twits by Roald Dahl


Screenshot 2024-04-05 134657.png

Mr Twit is a foul and smelly man with bits of cornflake and sardine in his beard. Mrs Twit is a horrible old hag with a glass eye. Together, they make the nastiest couple you could ever hope not to meet. Down in their garden, the ghastly, evil Twits keep Muggle-Wump the monkey and his family locked in a cage.


Our mastery targets in English this term are:

  • *Integrate dialogue to convey character and advance the action
  • *Descrive settings, characters and atmoshpere in short narratives using a range of noun phrases and figurative language
  • *Use a range of devices to build cohesion within and across paragraphs


This term, we will be reading, 'Great Adventurers' by Alastair Humpherys in our whole class reading sessions.

Great Adventurers.jpg 

Did you know that when Dervla Murphy was 30, she set off on her simple, not-at-all-fancy bicycle and cycled from Dunkirk to Delhi? Or that she once crossed a river when the bridge had broken by holding onto a cow? What about prolific traveller Ibn Battuta, who left Morocco on a donkey aged 21 and didn't come home for 30 years? This is an inspiring introduction to 20 adventurers and explorers from the last 700 years, all of whom inspired the author to go adventuring himself, including four years of cycling around the world. 


Mastery Keys 


*Identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning

*Distinguish between fact and opinion

*Summarise the main ideas from more than one paragraph



In Summer 1, Year 5 will be focusing on the topics of Properties of Shapes and Statistics in maths lessons, following and adapting the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. 

white rose maths.png



Image result for PE clipart


Year 5 will have P.E and COJO's on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Please ensure children have a weather-appropriate kit for these P.E. days, which includes a white top and black/navy joggers/shorts. Both PE sessions may take place outside for this half term, so it may be best for children to wear an outdoor kit for both lessons.



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