Launched in September 2018, we operate ‘House Teams' across school. All children are allocated a house team with siblings being placed together in the same House. All staff in school are also allocated a House team.


  • Underpins our behaviour policy - Ready, Respectful & Safe
  • Helps transition, as they have people in their team who are older
  • Links to school positive behaviour policy based on character education
  • Cultural awareness
  • Opportunity to explore the morals and qualities that motivated our House Team figures
  • Promotes friendly competition
  • Opportunity to display school spirit and ‘House’ pride as they work together to achieve a common goal. With the mixed age ranges, older students are available to assist younger students

How will it work?

  • Children will be awarded House Points in and around school for following our whole school positive behaviour policy - being ready, respectful and safe
  • Up to 10 house points given out as one reward. 
  • Each week the class total their house points and these will be collected and shared across school
  • At the end of the year the team with the most house points recieve a reward
  • Each team has a colour linked and this is used on sports day and any other inter- sports events

Woodlands House Teams

Stephen Hawking


Rosa Parks




Tim Peake


Marie Curie


Ade Adepitan


What will happen each year?

  • Teachers will focus on our chosed inspirational figures through assemblies and class discussions.
  • Images of our chsoen inspirational people will be displayed in both KS1 and KS2 halls and also in our year group bubbles
  • Staff and Governors will sign up to be in a team
  • Once the values of the inspirational individuals have been identified and discussed in classes, children will earn house points linked to our school positive behaviour system 


Click on the file to learn about our behaviour system and see how we celebrate children who show us that they are ready, respectful & safe. 


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