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  1. Inspiring Leadership, brought to you by Persyou and supported by FOBISIA: The Federation Of British International Schools In Asia. In this series of conversations, Director of Persyou, Nicholas McKie brings you cutting edge stories from across the world of education, connecting with recognised leaders and experts to bring you insights into their own leadership journey and philosophy. 



  1. The Teachers' Podcast provides additional support to teachers. Whether it's ideas to be used in the classroom, listening to the perspective of someone else in school or just being able to relate to the challenges other educators face, each episode delves into a key topic within education with a guest. Developed in association with Classroom Secrets and hosted by Classroom Secrets’ CEO, Claire Riley.

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  1. Tom Rogers is an experienced teacher and middle leader, having worked as a classroom teacher in state schools in the UK and internationally as a history teacher, head of history and latterly Assistant Headteacher. He is now back in the UK.

Tom’s passion is in making schools better places for teachers to work in. This passion has inspired him to write more than 100 blogs for the TES and share with the profession through his own twitter account; @rogershistory. Tom has also produced videos for his youtube channel, has his own podcast and more than 20,000 students use his online courses. In 2015, Tom set up the teachmeet network “teachmeet icons” which now hosts free annual events for teachers across the UK. Teachmeeticons has expanded significantly and has become a notable force for teacher CPD in the UK.


  1. Leadership Laid Bare

Decoding leadership and sharing practical insights for today's world

Graham Wilson's Leadership Laid Bare audio experience designed to decode leadership for today’s world. Being a forward-thinking leader and game changer, you'll be able to tune in to discover pragmatic tips and hints on leadership from relevant leaders who are out there actually doing it day in, day out. Each episode is dedicated to sharing pragmatic stories from the field, and more importantly real examples of what successful leaders are actually doing to deliver at pace

These ideas are designed to teach and inspire action, and to awaken possibility to deliver extraordinary results.


  1. Every Teacher Matters Podcast

Suneta Bagri was a head teacher and now coaches teaching staff in the art of self-care via her project Every Teacher Matters. Stress affects performance and impacts pupils, which is why, in Suneta’s view, it is incredibly important to look after teacher’s wellbeing. She gives pointers for spotting the early signs of burnout and influential factors that often lead to overwhelm. Suneta also explores the personal measures that teachers can take to improve self-care, and how schools can create a positive, supportive culture to promote better teacher wellbeing.


  1. Graham Frost is a public speaker who uses his life lessons to motivate and inspire audiences of young people. He engages people with his authentic message from the heart that you can use to take back control of your life and achieve your goals.


  1. TJ Juttla is a passionate individual who is building a mainstream education recruitment business called QTS. Since October, TJ has a newfound motivation for education through his Podcast “The Teachers' Point of View”. A topic he is passionate about is how education is delivered and what we could all be doing to change the way it is delivered to help ensure every young person achieves their potential.


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  1. Fabienne Vailes: Flourishing Education.

Our world is fast changing. We live at a time of massive opportunity and fast-paced growth, and yet this context of exponential change presents one of the biggest difficulties for our world of education.

Education is about lifelong learning – it never stops – from birth all the way to our graves. Education is about preparing our young people and enabling adults (whatever their ages) for a life in which they can fulfil a purpose in their local and wider communities, both for their own economic stability, their own personal sense of achievement and also in fulfilling their role as a member of a local or wider community.

The reality is our schooling system is facing very real mental health and well-being challenges. Universities, schools and teachers are asked to do more and more with less and less while students face increasing levels of daily pressure and uncertainty.

Schools and universities are under pressure to create the best student experience possible and meet demanding targets, educators struggle to maintain their passion and energy under increasing responsibilities and students increasingly buckle under crippling stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Based on decades of education experience, Flourishing Education has developed a simple, proven solution to transform the education experience – ensuring schools and universities give staff and students the 21st century skills and resources they need to flourish in today’s world, both in and outside the classroom.


  1. The Teachers' Podcast provides additional support to teachers. Whether it's ideas to be used in the classroom, listening to the perspective of someone else in school or just being able to relate to the challenges other educators face, each episode delves into a key topic within education with a guest. Developed in association with Classroom Secrets and hosted by Classroom Secrets’ CEO, Claire Riley.

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  1. Matthew Roberts: Primary Edu Voices

A podcast focused on raising the voice of primary based practitioners. With a new episode every Monday morning at 6am, this podcast is a wonderful chance to get to know fellow Primary Education teachers better, learn about great ideas and resources and develop the great discussions shared with fellow practitioners from Twitter.



  1. Teach Well Alliance – Steve Waters

Teach Well Alliance. If you’re looking for teacher wellbeing and mental health resources, this is the right place! More than just a website, it is a wellbeing resources library.


  1. She Educates – Lauren Weston

She Educates, hosted by Lauren Weston, Educator and work/life balance advocate. This podcast is designed for ALL Women Working in Education to hear hints/tips and tricks from other Educators on how to lead a healthy, and well-balanced career. Whether it is ideas on how to lead with integrity, tips on avoiding Teacher Burnout, or simply an open conversation with other Educators sharing Good practice, each episode is designed to delve into key topics with Guests from around the World.


  1. The Key – Caroline Doherty

Key Voices is a podcast brought to you by The Key. Leading thinkers share ideas and insights on topical issues in education.


  1. Creative Education – Pooky Knightsmith

Informal but informative.... Dr Pooky Knightsmith explore big questions with brilliant people each week with a wide range of topics related to education and mental health. Sometimes it's deep, sometimes it's funny, it will always make you think. Tweet @PookyH with feedback or suggestions for future guests or questions.


  1. #Leadership – what’s on your mind? Stuart Waddington

These podcasts are designed to make you think about your leadership and add value to your journey with guests discussing their unique leadership perspectives, and sharing personal stories of inspiration and motivation. Stuart Waddington, founder of Star development UK, is on a mission to provide business owners with the opportunity to drive business growth and self-development, by unlocking leadership potential and connecting with like-minded peers.


  1. Courageous Leaders: mistakes, mishaps, triumphs! Diana Osagie

You are leader?

Then you are in the courageous business! Leadership demands so much and at the heart of this is COURAGE. Join Diana as she explores the courage (and other emotions) that effective leaders use everyday. Her weekly podcasts explore:

- Courageous leadership, musings and funny stories

-The Courageous Couch, in- depth interviews with guests sharing leadership challenges

- Top tips- weekly leadership support

- Mistakes, Mishaps and Triumphs. Everyday leadership heroes sharing the honest stuff! 15 minutes of chat, laughter and few tears!


  1. We Lead Well – Victoria Maguire

The wellbeing of staff in schools has never been more important. With almost a third of new staff leaving the profession after just five years and 26% of teachers saying they are thinking of leaving in the next 12 months (National Foundation for Educational Research), we are facing a teacher retention crisis. The We Lead Well Podcast has been created in response to this crisis, to encourage and support schools to create places where people love to work. We support leaders to enhance the wellbeing of all staff in schools. Each week, leading educationalists share their experience, views and tips on how other school leaders can promote wellbeing in their organisations for the benefit of all staff.



  1. Magic Academy Podcast. Rusty Earnshaw & Jon Fletcher

Supporting coaching wizards! Rusty and Fletch love to hang with rockstars from the coaching world and get them sharing through some pretty cool questions.


  1. Twinkle Podcast! Emily Dalzell

A podcast brought to you by the team at Twinkle SLT where they chat about all things teaching and leading. As former teachers and leaders in schools, they want to amplify the voices of those in (and out of) the profession and share the incredible things so many are doing to make education a better place for all.


  1. Ross Morrison McGill

A podcast covering schools, higher education and lifelong learning. Ross’ mission is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ for better innovation and impact on young people. #edtechpod


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